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admin 18/09/2019 IT Services

5 Ways Riverbed Steel Connect Will Revolutionize Your Network

Ask almost any network administrator: managing a network in today’s distributed and cloud-centric world isn’t easy. Supporting the rapid adoption of cloud services, an insatiable demand for bandwidth-intensive apps like voice and video, and the tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of business-critical remote sites is difficult enough. Having to do so with an underlying networking infrastructure that hasn’t changed much in 20 years? Yikes.But it’s true: While businesses are going digital to better align with customer expectations, they’re still tethered to legacy, hardware-bound networks that are far too:

  1. Complex: It takes businesses four months to implement network changes, router by router1
  2. Costly: Gartner estimates that enterprises will need 28% additional bandwidth each year through 2017 ‘due to the use of cloud computing, mobile devices and video’
  3. Fragile: Because of the high touch required to configure routers, much human error is introduced, which accounts for 35% of all network downtime2

Clearly, it’s time to rethink the enterprise network, particularly in a digital era that demands unrivaled business and IT agility. That’s where Riverbed SteelConnect comes into play.


The future of your network starts here

SteelConnect is Riverbed’s application-defined SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) solution. It is the first and only product to provide unified connectivity and orchestration across hybrid
WANs, remote LANs, and cloud networks, making it incredibly simple for IT to ensure fast, agile, and
SteelConnect builds on Riverbed’s 14+ years of delivering applications and data at lightning-fast speeds across diverse, complex IT networks. It combines the native SD-WAN capabilities we’ve developed over the past few years through Riverbed SteelHead—deep application intelligence, path selection, secure transport, and QoS, to name a few—with the automation and management infrastructure gained through our Ocedo acquisition in January that includes an intuitive central management console, WAN gateways, LAN switches, Wi-Fi access points, and unified cloud IaaS connectivity.



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