OFFTICA  started it's journey with an innovative idea to provide a professional test of corporate needs and supply for their users via e-Commerce Portal access. Offtica aimed to create a  platform where you can purchase office stationary supplies both online and offline. It offers varieties of office supplies including paper, pen, stapler, printer, pen drives, office snacks, cleaning supplies, health care products and many more. 

The principle obejctive of Offtica is to provide excellent customer experience and reduce the difficulties customers face while purchasing office supplies. Therefore, intends to bring customer oriented, innovative and guranteed quality stationaries. Offtica is designed such a way so that customers can choose and compare among a wide length of product lines and feasible payment options to make the payments. Customers can place orders about their required office supplies within few seconds because we understand the value of your time. The top categories of Offtica are Office supplies, Cleaning, Breakroom, Men care, Feminine care, Craft abd decoration, Technology and Facility and safety. will bring different and easy ideas for effective and fast process of a Companies logistics requirements and best process.

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