Why do you prefer NGen IT?

Simply the cause is — Others’ First Choice is now NGen IT for it’s excellent commitment, Solution & Services. Within last couple of Years of Operation, we have extended our business out of the country. We are the Disti / Reseller partner of #1 Software principals. We are focused to our Partners & Clients by understanding , not only their requirements but with their benefits. Growing with partners is a tremendous inspiring in this IT sectors. And when Client relies, it’s a sky-reach ! But we are not satisfied till we continue with them for long term. We do not satisfy till we feel they expect more of our services.
Once a Customer said us, Why should we rely on you services than direct Vendors'? - Our answer was— " Cause we are at your door with commitment of ‘Local Partner is Best' through physically or virtually !

The next Question was , How come you provide best with Local ? - Our Answer was - Cause we are the committed to our Service, Solution & Prices !


Our operations

Since we have started our Services, we are growing with a rapid pace in Bangladesh. Beside the own country, our operation has extended to Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan & other countries. Nepal market is giving us a tremendous result that made us more inspired. Starting from FY13, we are now having our Support Office there.Bhutan has an excellent IT market that we are focusing and achieving our target from FY14.

Middle East drawn us when we have had a good scope of technical Support Services in their Bank & Telcos.
USA is our Management & Strategic Decision making Office at this moment.



Jara IT is a software development & solution based IT company. Working on School Management, Office Management, Accounts Management & exciting online applications. 

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